Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic. It is situated in the northeast part of the country.  It has long been known for its coal mines, which initiated the development of other industrial branches. Since the Velvet revolution in 1989 the city has been going through major changes, many of the heavy industry companies are being closed down or transformed and Ostrava is becoming a modern city with a lot to offer.

How to get here

Ostrava has direct train connection with the capital city of Prague and it lies on the main route connecting Vienna and Warsaw. Leos Janacek Airport Ostrava serves a number of domestic and international destinations. That gives you a lot of options how to get here.

There are numerous low cost airlines flights coming to Brno, Prague, Bratislava or Vienna. IVF Solution can pick you up there or you can catch a connecting flight to Ostrava, get a train or a bus.

Airport pick up service

IVF Solution Czech Republic will pick you up at Ostrava airport or train station. We can pick you up at Brno, Prague, Bratislava or Vienna airport for a special fee.
Prague €180
Brno €120
Bratislava €160
Vienna €160

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